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Genetics for Oncologists


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Lalloo 2002 ISBN 190134619-6 DINSA "Cancer genetics is now a specialty in its own right, but there is a need for oncologists, surgical and non-surgical, to have some knowledge of this expanding area. This small book gives all that the practicing oncologists requires. Each genetic condition is clearly described under similar headings including clinical features, screening, age of onset, epidemiology, inheritance, chromosomal location, gene involved, function of the protein produced by the gene and the possibility of genetic testing." Anthony Howell, Professor of Medical Oncology, University of Manchester, Christie Hospital, UK "...the book [is] readable and accessible, presenting complex concepts in a format which facilitates understanding... I believe the book and its format would be useful for many health care professionals involved in management of patients with or at risk of cancers." Rowan Chlebowski, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine, UCLA School of Medicine.Chief, Division of Medical Oncology, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center, USA